Best Tips On How To Fix And Make Rubber Bracelets Smaller

Colorful rubber bracelets are wonderful pieces of jewelry. They are sold mostly by charity organizations to raise money. Most people like collecting them and wearing them to several places such as school or work. However, at times they can break because of constant stretching. They also start tearing if you wear them regularly.
Most charity accessories are standardized during manufacturer. Sometimes you can even get a bracelet and find out later that it does not fit you well. You can try making it smaller so as not feel uncomfortable when wearing. The thought of making these accessories smaller may seem impossible, but you can do it. The task does not require too much effort. All you need is an adhesive plus an electrical shrink-wrapping.
The following points will help you know how to fix and make these amazing pieces of jewelry smaller.

Buy rubber cement or adhesive
There is special glue that is manufactured specifically for fixing such wrist accessories. If you cannot find this special rubber glue, you can use a stronger type of glue commonly used to repair car parts. This glue is a good alternative to rubber adhesive as it can withstand the elements, which make up the ornaments. When you are using the glue, make sure you keep the bottle closed after scooping some glue. This ensures that the glue does not dry up.

Instructions on how to fix
Apply a thin coat of glue gently on one end, which is broken. Join the broken ends together and squeeze them firmly for a moment. You can clump a safety pin to the break until it finally dries up. Make sure that you allow the glue to dry for the specific amount of time indicated on the glue bottle. Remove the bracelet before putting back on the accessory. Read more at

How to make it smaller
Measure the length of the bracelet that fit your wrist well. You can do this by measuring another wrist ornament that fits you well. Use a marker pen to mark points that you want to cut. Using an X-Actor knife, pare down the cut ends. Glue together the end pieces. Use the shrink-wrap connector to apply glue. Hold the joint ends together firmly for one minute not create a soiled bond.
Use the shrink-wrap connector to hold the glue connection above a lit candle. Move the accessory in circular motions so that it does not melt down. Turning it also helps to make sure that all parts of the ornament shrink properly.

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