Great Expectations And a Dream Come True

Not just in car transport, but we look for cheaper deals and hearty discounts in every aspect of money-spending. And, as with everything else, they come at a price! There are some things that we take too literally when it comes to auto transport, here are some misconceptions that are usually overlooked.

Choosing the Terminal is Cheaper
General perception is that picking up the car from the terminal is cheaper than having it delivered to your door step. And, to some extent the concept does make sense. It will cost extra fuel and effort to have it delivered to your home, however the terminal charges for parking space. So, if the pickup is delayed it can result in being more costly than having the car delivered at your doorstep.

Not So Cheap After All
Auto transport rates depend on a couple of things, like the type and make of the vehicle, distance to and from the destination and the amount of time you want it delivered in. An auto transport company cannot give you a quote unless and until they don’t have all these details. If a company is offering cheap car shipping rates then there is a possibility that there will be other hidden costs. It is likely that they chose not to inform you about those extra costs until after you had paid the non-refundable deposit. So, make sure you read the terms and agreements and ask the company for the documents along with the total charges before paying anything.

All car transport companies are required to have an insurance policy by law, however what they cover varies from company to company. Ask your carrier for their policies. And don’t just expect your car insurance to cover for any damages during the transport of car through a shipping company. It will be wiser to go through the insurance policies prior to the transport.

Relying on a Broker
Brokers act as an intermediary between you and the shipping company, so don’t trust any promises made by the broker. He cannot tell you the exact time and date of the pickup and drop off because he himself doesn’t know. A broker has to consult the carriers, and if they refuse to do it in the given time than that’s your loss and not the brokers, as he has already received his fee.

Only way to a successful transaction is to do your research first, it may be boring and tiring, but it will also prove productive results in the end.

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