The New Generation of Sun Loungers

Summer’s here, you have a margarita in one hand, a trashy crime thriller in the other – bliss, except for one thing. Your white plastic sun loungers look god-awful and are desperately uncomfortable to boot. If it isn’t a slat digging into your spine, it’s that hideous, skin-sticking combination of sun cream, sweat and sun loungers. Fortunately it no longer needs to be this way, the new generation of sun loungers are here and they are beautiful, fantastically ergonomic and blissfully comfortable. If you’re looking into sprucing up your outdoor area with a few well-placed sun loungers this summer, here’s what to look out for!
The key to many new outdoor loungers designs is material. The materials that outdoor furnitures now employ are highly developed and perfectly suited to the task at hand. Many of the new materials are traditional but with a new, advanced twist. Read more at

Acrylic and plastic make for particularly impressive designs as they incorporate the kind of flexibility required to create a stylish look, designed with comfort in mind. This flexibility, alongside the toughness, durability and sleek minimalism of plastic, makes for great looking designs.

Rattan is another old-style material which has been given a serious overhaul in recent years. The very best new rattan is made from modern polymers which last for many years and can be used to create spectacular outdoor furnitures.

Ambitious design is another signature for the new range of sun loungers out there. No longer content with a staple white plastic lounger, people are increasingly looking for innovative design, good looks and high-performance all at once. Fortunately supply now meets demand. Whether you’re looking for flexible, fold-away sun loungers (without their rickety associations) or you’re after a luxurious design which will seat two or more people in total decadent comfort, you will find a beautiful design which has been built with human bodies in mind!

The stakes have definitely changed in the world of outdoor furnitures, and garden furniture more generally. Scientific advances in the world of materials mean that we can now expect much more from our sun loungers, garden tables, outdoor bean bags etc.!

Weather proofing is just one of these new considerations. Until recently, it was expected that garden furniture would need to be quickly moved inside when bad weather threatened. It was also accepted that, after a year or two, garden furniture like outdoor loungers would start looking a little rusty and mildewed.
This is no longer the case and, if you know what to buy, you can now enjoy gorgeous, intelligently designed furnitures which will last for years, even when subjected to heavy rain!

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